Trauma Therapy & Relationship Counseling in Yolo County, CA

Those in a relationship know that nurturing and maintaining it takes work and dedication. Though many days with your partner are full of love, care, and adoration, there are times when positive communication appears nowhere in sight. Marriage and relationship counseling can help you work through these times of strife, addressing the concerns at their very core and healing from past wounds at the same time.

During your initial session with Cristeta, you’ll offer some background about your relationship and give an overview of the issues and concerns you’d like to cover. From there, you, your partner, and Cristeta will develop communication strategies, along with discovering new and improved ways to show your appreciation and devotion to one another. If you’re interested in moving forward with couples therapy, connect with Cristeta today to learn more information.

Providing In-Person & Telehealth Appointments

TeleHealth Appointments

Online appointments are available for those who feel more comfortable attending sessions in a location of their choosing.

In-Person Office Meetings

Visit Cristeta at her Woodland, CA office for your next therapy session.

CBT and EMDR Therapy in Yolo County, CA

Depending on your mental health conditions and concerns, different therapy techniques will be employed to guide you through the healing process, helping you develop an effective method for building healthy habits, restoring or maintaing your relationships, and getting to a place of comfort. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one psychotherapy technique Cristeta uses that is beneficial for a multitude of concerns, such as anxiety, depression, social phobia, PTSD, substance abuse, and relationship issues.


Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is another psychotherapy technique used to address traumatic memories and treat the effects of that trauma. These two common techniques have been successfully at allowing individuals to move forward from their mental health concerns and conditions. When working with Cristeta, you will never be forced to engage in a practice you are too uncomfortable to move forward with. Though challenging yourself can be helpful in many ways, the goal of therapy is to make progress, not simply go through the motions or fast-forward to different steps for the sake of getting to the finish line. With Cristeta, you’ll have a supportive presence and a guiding hand when you need it most.

In-Person Appointments Now Available

Cristeta is now offering appointments at her office in Woodland, CA. Though telehealth can be extremely helpful for those who cannot make it to an in-person session, or for those who feel more comfortable at home, face-to-face appointments are available for those who find them more beneficial. If you are looking to attend a mix of in-person and virtual appointments, speak with Cristeta directly by calling (530) 302-6097 or by emailing [email protected].

What People Have Said About Our Counseling Services:

Finding the right therapist can be really hard and daunting but, I really have nothing but GREAT things to say about Cristeta. My time with her has enhanced my own knowledge and approach to life. Cristeta is one of the more knowledgeable and insightful persons I have ever come across. She's professional, kind, empathetic, and understanding. Whether you're looking for someone to support you through relational problems or individual, she's your person. Cristeta operates from a trauma informed lens that makes one feel seen without judgement. I highly highly recommend!
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It is never too late to get the help you need to find joy, peace, and contentment. Cristeta is happy to help individuals and couples on their journey to mental and relationship wellness. For additional information or to book your free consultation, reach out Cristeta Rillera through the online contact form or by calling (530) 302-6097.