EMDR Therapy & Couples Counseling in Davis, CA

Learning how to cope with the effects of anxiety and trauma is something that takes time and support. With the right resources, you can learn how to manage these mental health conditions and continue to live your life in a fulfilling, satisfying manner. Therapy allows individuals just like you to address their most pressing problems and find real solutions. Though many problems can’t be fixed overnight, with consistent sessions and healthy habit changes, you can find relief from anxiety and trauma with time.

If you’ve been thinking about starting therapy but would like to learn more about what the process entails, reach out today for your free consultation! Together, we can map out the best path for your progress and begin your healing journey.

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Providing In-Person & Telehealth Appointments

TeleHealth Appointments

Virtual appointments are available for those who cannot join in-person sessions or who feel more comfortable in a space of their choosing.

In-Person Office Meetings

In-person appointments are now available in Woodland, CA! Reach out today to schedule your first session.

EMDR Therapy Techniques in Davis, CA

EMDR Therapy: Transforming Lives Through Trauma Healing

As a therapist, there are a few psychotherapy techniques I employ during our sessions. If you have been dealing with the effects of a traumatic life experience, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) can be extremely helpful for you. The goal of EMDR therapy is to allow your brain to properly heal from the emotional wound of a traumatic situation. 

By using a collection of stress-reduction strategies and reprocessing techniques, EMDR can help you get through your traumatic experience, reforming the way you think about the situation and preventing existing triggers from overwhelming you. We will focus on your body’s physical responses to remembering the trauma while incorporating the physical EMDR techniques and positive thinking to establish proper healing.

During our sessions, you can feel comfortable knowing that you will never be pushed to a point of prolonged distress. I will work with you to discover the best psychotherapy techniques for your particular conditions and goals, allowing you to recover from trauma and rewire your thinking.

What People Have Said About Our Counseling Services:

Cristeta's skill set is undeniable, as she has taken great care to expand her therapeutic toolkit to make herself a knowledgeable source who can expertly work with a broad range of clients. Coupled with the caring and conscientious nature she uses to cultivate each therapeutic relationship, she masterfully accompanies clients as individuals move towards the outcomes their collaborative work helps them to achieve.
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Marriage & Couples Counseling in Davis, CA

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I understand how hard it can be for couples to seek help for managing their relationship. The great thing about therapy is that you don’t have to meet any particular standards to take part in it. Whether you’re trying to get past a specific issue together, or would like some premarital guidance, therapy can be a great option that gives you the tools to strengthen your relationship for its entirety.

Those who feel disconnected from their partners can highly benefit from a series of therapy sessions. We’ll get to the root of the issue, helping you rediscover the passion in your relationship and establishing shared meaning along the way. 

Often, therapy can be incredibly helpful for couples who are currently undergoing a major transition in their relationship. This can include revising the boundaries of your relationship, recovering from infidelity, adding children to the mix, or experiencing a significant mutual loss. It can feel as if you each are alone in your thoughts and pain, but with therapy, you’ll get a better understanding of one another while learning how to love each other exactly the way you need.

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