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5 Ways to Combat Anxiety

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Anxiety plagues over 300 million people across the world, interfering with relationships, hobbies, work, and other activities necessary for leading a fulfilling life. No matter what stage in life you are at, controlling these anxious thoughts and feelings is a steep effort. Together, we’ll review some of the most accessible ways to combat anxiety so you can get back to a life you enjoy.


Meditation has been a useful resource for folks for quite some time. There are a variety of elements that make up meditation, few of which include mindful breathing techniques, repeating mantras, or using objects like candles or beads to center yourself. By becoming more in tune with your body and your thoughts, you’re able to free yourself from the restraints of anxious feelings, preventing them from enveloping you and remaining the central focus of the moment. People respond to meditation differently – this practice can give you the tools you need to stop anxiety in its tracks, or it can be useful for recovering from the anxious feelings while they’re happening.

Create a pros and cons list

Though it may seem like outlining all of your problems will only bring anxiety to the forefront of your mind, having a clear idea of what bothers you and what benefits you will help you cultivate a blueprint for living life anxiety free. When dealing with a specific issue that brings you anxiety, create a list of pros and cons about a particular decision you’re aiming to make about the concern. You can also create a generalized list of what triggers your anxiety alongside a list of the things that bring you joy and contentment. Referring back to this resource can be comforting during times of strife or confusion.


Exercise can help deviate your mind from persistent anxious thoughts and feelings. When you exercise, you’re exhibiting control over your body, allowing it to move and act with your will. You’re also encouraging blood flow to the brain and the release of feel-good hormones that counteract those negative feelings you’re trying to escape from. Regular exercise also encourages good health – physical health has a huge impact on our mental state and can really interfere with our daily practices when neglected, causing more anxious thoughts to arise. Dedicating just 15 minutes of your day to light exercise can have a large impact on your mind and body.

Avoid caffeine and stimulants

For some, caffeine doesn’t exacerbate their anxiety much. For others, it can be the tipping point, leading to a ferocious anxiety attack that can take a bit to come down from. Steering clear of coffee, caffeinated tea, energy drinks, and other stimulants can help you avoid those physical manifestations of anxiety, like sweating and rapid heart rate. If you can’t give up the coffee, at least aim for decaf, which has a significantly lower caffeine concentration than traditional coffee beans.


You can also obtain an energy boost in other ways. As mentioned above, exercise is a great way to relieve yourself of anxiety and get your energy levels up. Diet changes can also be necessary to feel more energized throughout the day. Foods like bananas, leafy greens, oatmeal, beans, and organ meats like liver can have a profound impact on feelings of fatigue. Getting plenty of protein and fiber in your diet can offset the need for coffee and energy drinks.

Seek therapy

Therapy creates a safe environment for you to figure out what is causing your anxiety and how to remedy it. With consistent therapy, you’ll have access to a qualified individual that will help you get to the source of your negative feelings, finding active ways to combat them when they arise and developing healthy habits to keep them at bay.


You can decide how many therapy sessions you’d like to attend per week or month. It is important to know that, while therapy can help you access the tools you need to succeed, you are in control of your path and your life, and you’ll never be forced into care or treatment you’re uncomfortable with.


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